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Flat Wallet

The original Flat Wallet. Inspired by the Traveler's Notebook, the Flat Wallet is a two pocket wallet with a loop of elastic that both stores your bank notes securely and keeps your wallet shut. Handmade using full grain leather, the Flat Wallet is an essential everyday carry. Available in Olive, Chocolate, Black, Tan and Blue.


Flat Wallet III

A Flat Wallet, then some. The Flat Wallet III is for the minimalist who likes to carry that little bit more. It features the same design as the original Flat Wallet, but with three pockets instead of two. Available in Olive, Chocolate, Tan and Blue.


Flat Pocket

Give your glasses a beautiful home with our Flat Pocket. Whether you’re home or away, our simple one pocket push stud design will keep your specs safe and stylish. Available in Olive, Chocolate, Tan and Blue.


Flat Tray

Four simple push studs turn a piece of Flat Leather into a Flat Tray. Keep your keys, phone, watch, loose change, or whatever you don’t want to lose in a safe place. Whether you’re travelling the world or commuting to work, the Flat Tray is here to keep you in order. Available in Olive, Chocolate, Tan and Blue.


Flat Card

A Flat Wallet, less some. The Flat Card strips things back to the bare essentials. A one pocket wallet with the same loop of elastic as the Flat Wallet, with enough room for both your cards and cash. One for the true minimalist. Available in Olive, Chocolate, Tan and Blue.


TLC Collection

The Level Collective are a worldwide community of wanderers, nomads, creatives and outsiders – based in the same fair city as us, Sheffield. In 2018 we teamed up with them to collaborate on a few pieces. To find out more about our collaboration, click the link below.

How to Order
Current wait time is 2 weeks



Found something you like? Splendid and tremendous! Place your order or send us an email at info@flatleather.co.uk letting us know your name, address and what you’re after. We'll take care of the rest.



Now the hard bit. We currently have a wait time of around 2 weeks (we know, we know). If you change your mind or don't think you can wait that long, just let us know - it's no problem! If you can, then put your feet up and relax.



After 2 short weeks, we'll be in touch letting you know your order is ready to be shipped. We'll arrange payment and get your new pride and joy shipped (tracked and signed). We ship worldwide, so no place is too far!



Now the easy bit. Enjoy! You’ll notice that the more you handle your new Flat product, the more character it takes on, making it completely unique to you. If you have time, send us a picture, we love seeing where our products end up!




Minimalist leather goods. Handmade in England.

Welcome to Flat Leather. We make leather goods by hand, in a small workshop in Sheffield, England. Our focus is simple - to make minimalist products that are lightweight, slimline, and most importantly, products that will last. We believe strongly in that last one, and that’s why every item that leaves our workshop is completely handmade. That doesn’t mean we get some machine on the other side of the planet to do all the hard stuff and we add a few finishing touches - it means, 100%, what’s good don’t come easy - handmade.

Each item starts life as a hide of leather and maybe a metre or so of thread. The leather is hand cut, hand stitched, hand bevelled and hand burnished. Our packaging is hand stamped, a note hand written and each parcel taken to the post office...on foot (we’re working on that last one). In fact, we’re one of only a handful of makers in the UK that can say that no part of our process is automated. It takes longer - sure. But is the end product superior to a machined equivalent? In every way. Don’t take our word for it, get in touch and see for yourself. You won’t regret it.

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Have a question? No problem! Email us at info@flatleather.co.uk or complete the following form.

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